Boiler Repair

Reliable & Gas Safe Boiler Repair – Brighton & Hove

If you are already experiencing a problem with your boiler it is essential to arrange for a professional to repair your system as soon as possible as a malfunctioning boiler is unsafe. You may have discovered that your radiators are not working correctly or perhaps the pressure in your boiler is too high or too low and will not stabilise. Perhaps your boiler has suffered a complete breakdown and will not work at all. Whatever the problem we can supply a qualified professional to visit your property and repair your system safely and efficiently.

Having somewhere to call in the event of issues with a boiler is important. Eliminating the hassle of finding a place at the last minute; you have done your research to see which has company has the best services to offer and have found There is no need to look any further. Should any problems should arise with the boiler you can rest assured will we dispatch the very best experienced and skilled heating engineers. We pride ourselves in our quick response times and are open around the clock. We guarantee the issue will betaken care of efficiently, safely and effectively. – Boiler service Brighton & Hove

We put the convenience of the customer first, our emergency boiler services have around the clock assistance. An experienced professional gas safe plumber will respond immediately. Our vehicles are stocked with all of the necessary tools and equipment that will be needed. On a general not we stock a wide range of parts in all our vehicles so that all works can be completed within tight guidelines, the majority of common problems rectified the same day.

In the event that a boiler should be in the repair shop for an extended period of time, our boiler service department have back up units we can supply temporarily. Enabling them to have a back up system while the other is being repaired.

A registered gas safe plumber will inspect the boiler to access the problem and see if it can be fixed within the home. Once the issue is addressed the service personnel will explain in depth what the problem is. Making sure that the customer fully understands, answering any questions they may have. From there getting it up and running again quickly and safely is their main objective. Having the ability to fix units that are leaking, cracked, overheating, noisy or experiencing some other occurrence.

Another service we offer as part of our regular boiler servicing schedule is boiler cleaning, getting working like brand new and 100% gas safe.

In event that the only option is to replace the boiler, there are both new and refurbished units for sale. Most of which come with a manufactures warranty that is for an extended amount of years. Should anything go wrong it is guaranteed to be replaced.

With safety being paramount to our boiler technicians, all works are carried out within tight safety guidelines. Ensuring the well being of customers and their families.

When an emergency occurs with the boiler, don’t be left out in the cold. You now have a reliable boiler service repair companies contact information at your disposal. With we are proud to state you will save money yet get optimum service. CALL US.