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When the weather is cold outside nobody wants the inconvenience and stress of a boiler breakdown. It’s never a good time to find your heating has stopped working but when winter is here there’s nothing worse than waking up to a freezing house and no hot water. That is why a regular gas boiler service is important. In these financially tough times spending on your home can be tight so you have to prioritise where to spend your hard earned cash and what could be more important than ensuring your family’s warmth and comfort?

Investing in a gas boiler service keeps your heating system working effectively and ensures that you and your family stay warm in the cold season. Although it may seem a waste of money to service your boiler when there may be nothing wrong with it, you can be sure it costs a lot less to maintain your boiler than to pay for costly repairs or replacements if it breaks down.

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Finding a plumber to come out at short notice to repair your boiler can be difficult and you may have to wait some time before your problem can be solved. With regular boiler maintenance you won’t have to face this problem. Failure to service your boiler regularly may also mean that it is not functioning effectively. If this goes unnoticed you may have unnecessarily high heating bills during the winter. A poorly maintained boiler may also lead to gas leaks which are dangerous and can even prove fatal if left unchecked, especially in cases of carbon monoxide leaks. It goes without saying that you should never attempt to service your boiler yourself – only a qualified professional should perform any maintenance on your boiler for safety reasons.

During a gas boiler service a plumber will test the components of your heating system to make sure everything is working properly as well as inspecting and cleaning your pipes and the working parts of your boiler. An inspection will be carried out to see if there is any damage due to corrosion or any leaks in the system. The engineer will ensure that there are no dangerous emissions from the flue and that the system’s pressure is correct. Any parts that are found to be malfunctioning will be replaced so your boiler will remain safe to use.