Culture in Brighton & Hove

Culture in Brighton & Hove

As anyone familiar with Brighton and Hove will confirm, there is no shortage of cultural attractions and events that take place throughout the city and throughout the year. Music, art, drama, comedy and film are all well represented in this south coast ‘city on the edge’ as it’s affectionately known.

Brighton and Hove is especially well-known for a range of live music venues from lively folk, pop and rock clubs and pubs to large entertainments centres such as the Brighton Centre, which presents concerts by nationally and internationally known musicians and performers. For those who prefer more high-brow musical entertainment, there are also concerts staged by professional choirs, orchestras and a variety of classical music ensembles.


Brighton and Hove’s reputation as a cultural haven is due in no small part to its taste for diversity. Brighton Dome, for example, stages around 600 cultural events annually, including the highly-acclaimed and successful Brighton Festival that takes place every May and features a vast range of events including, drama, dance, literature, poetry and a range of visual arts that attract audiences from all over the country. Smaller entertainments venues, such as Komedia, are also very popular. Komedia is a lesser-known but very popular venue. which, like Brighton Dome, is situated in the heart of Brighton and Hove’s cultural quarter. It presents a highly diverse range of staged entertainments from cabaret to comedy throughout the year .

Another factor that contributes to Brighton and Hove’s cultural richness is that those who organise cultural events aren’t content to stick with ‘tried and trusted’ acts that they know will be well received by audiences. They are willing to take risks and break new ground with promising new acts. This ‘culture of encouragement’ that new and as yet unknown acts can find here is what makes for the cutting-edge cultural reputation that Brighton and Hove enjoys.

Art Galleries and Museums are another form of cultural attraction that Brighton and Hove has no shortage of. Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, located in the Royal Pavilion gardens, boasts an impressive collection of art and artefacts, and just a ten minute taxi ride away is the Hove Museum and Art Gallery, which proudly displays a superb collection of crafts considered among the finest in the country. Natural history isn’t ignored in Brighton and Hove, either. The Booth Museum of Natural History, located just a 20 minute walk, or 5 minute taxi ride, from Brighton city centre is very popular due to its sizeable collection of specimens and the wealth of information available to all visitors.

Overall, Brighton and Hove has a cultural richness that covers all tastes. Cinemas, theatres, entertainments centres, museums, galleries and music clubs and pubs are abundant and thriving and ensure that the cultural heritage of Brighton and Hove will remain intact and strong for generations to come.