Gas Safe Plumbing Services

Most homes are dependent on properly functioning gas lines and gas appliances for a significant portion of their everyday energy needs. Home heating, at-the-ready hot tap water, and cooking are largely fueled by natural or propane gas supplies. Therefore, access to a local Brighton & Hove plumber and registered gas safe expert who has long experience in installation, repair, and replacement of gas lines is essential. We are at your service with a large store of hard-earned know-how and a dedication to excellence that will never let you down. All our plumbers are local to Brighton & Hove and are fully qualified and gas safe registered

Local Brighton & Hove Gas Safe Plumbers

Yellow, plastic natural gas lines run underground from the curb to your home. From there, black steel or iron pipes take the gas into your house and distribute it as needed. Propane works much the same way except that it is sourced in large outdoor storage tanks instead of in city gas supply systems. Copper is the usual material for propane pipes. We are familiar with the local codes and all relevant safety protocols involved in appropriately installing gas lines to service your home. We can also install any gas-run appliances, including water heaters, stoves, and more.

Natural gas is odorless, but it is purposefully laced with harmless chemicals that give off a distinctive smell. This functions as a warning system should you experience a gas leak. Make sure that you treat any such leaks as emergencies and call Gas Emergency Services on 0800 111 999 for your own safety and that of your family. They know how to find and fix gas leaks quickly, using only the best and most effective tools. They will inspect your lines to make sure they are safe and can also ensure that all your gas appliances are functioning in a fully safe manner.

Sometimes there will not only be an odor but also a hissing sound when a gas leak occurs. You cannot afford to take risks with this. Gas Emergency Services (0800 111 999) can access the gas shutoff valve outside your home and safely contain the problem. We can repair any fittings that may have loosened or pipes that may have corroded. If the problem is with one of your appliances, we can replace any defective parts or do whatever necessary to correct the problem. Should a new appliance be needed, we can explain to you your best options, remove the old unit, install the new one, and help you to save on your energy bill in the future.

Finally, there are times when the gas lines in a home may be so old and worn out that it is time for them to be replaced. Of course, this kind of operation should only be done when necessary due to the expense. Should it be absolutely imperative to replace the lines, however, we know how to do it safely and efficiently. We can temporarily cut off the gas supply, safely empty old gas from the pipes, and reinstall new pipes and get them up and running for you.

Our full gas services are second to none. Contact us today for a free estimate and fast and friendly gas services regardless of what the specific problem may be. Our registered Gas Safe Plumber will be more than happy to assist you.