Gas Appliances

Gas appliances installation, service & repair

No time is convenient to have a gas appliance fail. From a fireplace that does not heat properly to filling up a dryer and realizing that it stopped working, it has the potential to ruin an entire week for every home member. When this happens, you cannot just call any repair service to fix it. You want to be sure that you have an experienced technician and further more gas registered plumber to make the repair who knows what they are doing so you will feel confident after it is completed and know that the appliance it is now safe and running efficiently. – Gas Registered Plumbers Brighton & Hove

Turn to us when you require quality installation, servicing or repair for your gas appliances. Our team of professionals understands your need to have a smooth installation, while at the same time provide you with a price that is accommodating to your budget. All of our everyday gas appliances are crucial to the comfort and safety of our lives so when the time comes for a gas range or other appliance to be installed, you want a professional to do the task who is licensed and knowledgeable.


When it comes to repairs you want a confident technician who can service and repair any gas pipes, heating systems, cooking grills or whatever it may be. Our team has the expertise to ensure that any repair or installation is fitted to perfection, while ensuring that it was completed according to pertinent regulations. We are equipped and possess the skills necessary to solve the problem that your water heater or cooking top is experiencing.

Servicing gas appliances is a skill that is not to be taken lightly. All our plumbers are registered gas safe plumbers. This type of project should not be tackled on your own, unless you have years of experience doing so. If you decide to just go ahead and attempt a repair on that gas fireplace by yourself but have never done so previously, you run the risk of a carbon monoxide or gas leak occurring.

A member of our team will be happy to inspect your home furnace to be sure that it is running safely (a home furnace should be examined one a year). Generators, water heaters and other gas appliances should also be serviced as well as tested, to be sure they are safe to use.

We will stand behind all of the work that we perform. We understand the possible dangers surrounding an installation or a repair that is poorly done so we know the importance of doing our job accurately and on time. Our goal is to exceed our customer’s satisfaction every time and provide you with a thorough evaluation. Call us now or visit our website. You owe it to those that you care about.