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Full Gas Safe – Certification Services

Fully registered Gas Safe Plumbers UK have an abundance of hard-earned experience with gas and plumbing at conducting full-fledged gas certification services. We understand all of the intricate details of the 1998 Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations and how to fully implement them. There is no better place to go to get your annual inspection and gas safety record.

Gas and Plumbing – Gas safe plumbers UK


Landlords throughout the UK are held responsible for the gas safety of the units they lease out. Every appliance and every flue must be checked every single year. Our Gas safe Plumbers, being duly registered with the Gas Safe Register, have acquired the know-how to ensure that all stoves, heaters, fireplaces, central boilers, or other gas-run appliances are in top working condition. We investigate all of your gas-carrying pipes to make sure there are no leaks or weaknesses. When we hand you your certificate, it not only means that you are in compliance with the law but also that you have provided a safe environment for your tenants.

Unsafe gas lines or equipment are a major safety hazard. Each year, around 30 people die in the UK due to carbon monoxide poisoning, which resulted from gas flues and appliances that were not properly secured. Carbon monoxide is created when gas fails to burn properly, and it sneaks out into the living spaces when equipment has leaking points in it. This deadly gas is colorless, tasteless, and odorless. We have the equipment and personnel to detect it, get rid of it, and prevent its return.

A second concern over gas leaks, of course, is the simple waste factor. No one wants to see unnecessarily high utility bills. There are enough other factors eating up our pounds these days without inefficient gas flues, pipes, and appliances being added to the list.

Avery tenant is supposed to be given a copy of the gas safe certificate so that they will have confidence that the gas in their apartment is not a significant danger to them. They have a right to request this documentation, and many will do so. Thus, no landlord will want to be unprepared to hand it over to them straight away for fear of losing clients.

From first to last, it only makes sense to waste no time in getting your gas safe certification done. A quality company with a good reputation needs to do the job so that tenants will feel comfortable that the job was done in a reliable manner. We assure you that we have what it takes to take care of all your gas certification needs. You can relax and breathe easy whilst we go about the business of keeping your units up to current gas safety standards.