White Goods

Installation of white goods

If you have just bought a new washing machine or dishwasher but have no idea how to plumb it in you may benefit from calling a plumber. If you’re located in Brighton and Hove or one of the surrounding areas one of our Brighton Plumbers can visit your property and correctly fit your new appliances without you having to even open the manual! Many new appliances require correct plumbing – even some modern American style fridge freezers now require plumbing in to function properly.

Brighton Plumbers

Usually when you purchase white goods the company simply deliver to your home and leave you with the stress and hassle of making sure they are operating properly. Sometimes the instructions can be difficult to follow and for those with limited knowledge of plumbing it can often be very challenging to know what goes where. If you accidentally plumb in your new appliances incorrectly they will not only fail to operate but may actually cause damage; Not only to your new appliance but possibly to your property too. Therefore it is worthwhile, if in doubt, to seek advice from our Brighton Plumbers company who can ensure the safety and correct operation of your new goods. After all, new appliances cost a lot of money so you want to be sure that they function correctly!

brighton-plumbersIf you are buying a dishwasher for the first time, it is likely that your home is not set up for a direct installation. This means that you will require waste and connecting pipes fitted. This is probably not a job that you will want to carry out yourself. It is likely that many people would not even know where to start. We can easily perform this task for you. Maybe you are wanting to fit an appliance to a new water supply rather than connecting to an existing system and have no idea where to start with the installation. We can help you with this kind of problem and you can be sure that your new appliance will be safe to use. Whatever your installation problem, we can assist. Whether you need a new waste outlet pipe fitted, a connection to a water supply for the ice maker of your new fridge freezer or you require a first time appliance installation we can help you to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

We can even help if you are struggling with a standard installation. We understand that not everyone feels confident in dealing with their plumbing systems and we are able to give you peace of mind. Our qualified plumbers will efficiently connect your appliance to the mains and ensure that it is operating properly before leaving you to enjoy your new white goods.